Get clean by getting dirty

Seize the Clay

Selectively mined French green illite clay


Seize the Clay from wtf uses selectively mined, ultra ventilated, French green illite clay with a high CEC capacity.*

Whilst all that might sound scientific, complicated and downright expensive all you need to know is our clay is hypoallergenic, natural and 100% pure. Seize the Clay’s superior sorptive properties give it a very powerful detoxifying effect helping remove impurities and dirt from your pores leaving your face feeling deeply cleansed and refreshed.

*The CEC is the pulling action of the clay - slight redness of the skin is normal and should disappear in about 20 minutes.

A 454g pot of Seize the Clay is enough for about 12 masks and we’d recommend getting your mud on about once a week. Put on some soothing tunes, perhaps light some candles, don a mud mask and try not to scare the neighbours.

100% Ultra Ventilated, French Green Illite clay.

Absolutely, unequivocally never tested on animals.


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