We do appreciate a pat on the back, here are some of the lovely
comments we have received since unleashing our products.










Keep it Clean

“This is a great product. Delivery was fast. Used it when I got it then again before bed. Lathered and put on t zone and left for 1 min and rinsed. It does dry your skin out so remember to moisturise after. I had two weeks prior using an acne cream with no result. Overnight after using once was a huge difference. My sister bought some she was so impressed.”

“This soap is great, it makes you squeaky clean. I also haven’t had any breakouts since using it, doesn’t smell bad either.”

“Awesome but smells like fart.”

“Day 4 of using it. So far it’s the only thing that has helped my cystic acne. It literally gives you instant relief from painful cysts and takes away the inflammation as well the swelling. Can be a little bit drying but nothing major. This is the most effective thing against acne I have ever encountered. Leaves your face squeaky clean.”

“Dries your skin a bit at the beginning, but hasn’t made me break out; In fact it made my skin clear out quite quickly and old marks are fading as well.
It does smell like Sulphur but it is extremely light and it doesn’t linger once you was the soap off of you. Good product.”

“I have sensitive skin and also rosacea, so I was a little apprehensive about trying this product (especially as so many other rosacea remedies I’ve tried have been ineffectual.). It has turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever used; my skin is much improved and there has been a marked reduction in the redness that has plagued me for the last couple of years. The sulphurous smell is quite mild, and after a while you don’t really notice it anyway, so as far as I’m concerned that’s a very small price to pay. I use it in conjunction with a very good Elemis serum and moisturiser (I began using the soap months before the Elemis, so I do know that the soap is the thing that has definitely made the difference to my skin’s appearance) so have experienced no dryness at all. Works for me and I’m sticking with it. Many thanks.”

“ I bought to help with Rosacea and it seems to be working!”

“I have a very oily face, I’ve always have acne/spots I’ve tried loads of different creams, lotions, gels, face wash, face wipes. Nothing works aswell as this soap. I’ve been using it about 2 weeks, it’s amazing value for money and I’ll definitely be repurchasing.”

“I NEVER EVER EVER leave a review. After purchasing copious amounts of different products for my skin I had almost given up. I am 35 and always suffered with spots from stress etc but for the last 6 months I have been suffering from cystic acne on my chin. I bought this soap as a last resort. After 1 week my skin is so much better. I have smaller spots still coming through but nothing as painful and red raw as before. Yes the reviews are right the soap smells awful once on the skin and can linger but I actually don’t care because getting my spots under control are more important. My skin hasn’t dried out but that may be because I have oily skin. Amazing cheap and cheerful product and I hope my skin continues to improve.”

“Wonderful product that rid me of acne and keeps it away.
Would highly recommend this – I tried everything else”

“This has done my face really good. I had really oily skin and it has dried it out a bit so I don’t get spots as much as I did. My spots have started to clear up. It doesn’t dry your skin out too much it makes your skin smooth and soft. I will be buying again. It says it smells really bad but its not bad at all I don’t smell it.”

“i love this stuff, my face feels soooooo clean after using it!”

“I’ve had acne since I was in my early teens and had recently been suffering from worse breakouts of adult acne. I’ve tried many products over the years – natural remedies, antibiotics, salicylic acid – and this is the only one which improves my skin. I have sensitive skin so often products are too harsh and only aggravate breakouts. However this miracle product has got me from cystic acne to almost acne free within a month and I can’t recommend it highly enough! I use it on my face and my body and it’s equally effective. The smell is hardly noticeable and it’s definitely worth it for a product which is so effective and gentle!”

“I purchased this soap after seeing another member share her acne results from using the bar.
After suffering from acne since I was about 12 (now 22) I straight away purchased after seeing that review.
The results I’m seeing is amazing. Really clears up your skin, if you have oily prone skin this is also a bonus as it takes away all the excess oils.”

“Suffered all my life from spots. I’m 37 now, tried this. Started off, spots seemed to get worse for a week or so then bang! Spots cleared up and are much less frequent now. Can go for weeks without any. Really has changed my life!”




Mind Your Tone “Amazing. I use a lot of glycolic products and this helps to counter the effects of dryness that I sometimes experience. It’s perfect because it is effective at removing dirt and makeup that your cleanser can’t get to, yet it doesn’t dry your skim out. Highly recommended.” “Amazing! Tried a lot of skin care products and this is by far the best.” “Good value product at a very good price too. The toner has a lovely fragrance and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. This is the first time I’ve used it but will definitely buy again.” “Love this toner! Doesn’t leave a greasy/sticky feeling, feels lovely and calming and doesn’t irritate my skin. Thought the rose smell might be too strong for me but actually find it very nice! “ “Great toner. Lovely smell and fresh feeling. Sensitive enough for young skin – my 6 year old daughter loves to use it occasionally too! Will keep ordering!” “Efficacy-wise, I’ve noticed that it tamed my oily skin and have minimised blackheads on my nose. Even my husband, who used to be sceptic towards skin care, is diligently using this now.” “This toner is a total gamechanger. I have been using it daily and see an improvement in my skin complexity. Definitely recommend it for people who have oily skin. Will repurchase it again.” “I have been using this toner for two weeks and have found my complexion has improved considerably. I have always had spot prone skin and have used everything to improve it, after using this toner every morning and night I can honestly say it really works! Highly recommend this product.” “I have been using the soap and toner for about 3 months now – Wowza! What a difference. The sulphur isn’t too strong, and if you use the delicious toner afterwards it makes no difference. I have found I have 0 zits, hardly any blackheads and those annoying little lumps that appear under my skin are lessening too.” “I have been using the toner for a week now and have already noticed a major difference in the complexion of my skin. I have never used a toner before this as I’m male and have apparently been misinformed of how to care for my skin for years now. The toner smells amazing when applying to he skin, but the scent doesn’t last throughout the day, which for me is a good thing. All natural ingredients and it really does work. I had a little breakout before using the toner and about 3 days after applying it morning and night the breakout has disappeared! I would absolutely recommend this product.” “After using the soap for about a week and loving it i thought I would give the toner a try. It didn’t have the immediate wow factor the soap had but after nearly 3 weeks of using them both I will not use anything else again. I use both morning and night, skin feels a little tight at first but after about 10 mins the tightness has gone and i am left with an incredibly smooth and fresh face. I only use these 2 products and no moisturiser (despite being in my 30’s) as I read recently that some dermatologists don’t recommended any moisturiser if skin Is already oily and I find the toner is sufficient at moisturising anyway. Fab product. Smells amazing too!” “This is my favourite toner. I have bad acne so I’m very fussy about what I put on my face so don’t want anything with chemicals or perfumes in. It’s refreshing and is great and getting the last bits of makeup after I’ve cleansed. I’ve been using it for about 2 years now!”


Seize the Clay

“This is very good, i mixed 2 tablespoons of powder to 2 tablespoons water, which I didn’t need so some of it went down sink. So, a little goes a long way. My skin didn’t sting whilst during or afterwards and I have quite sensitive skin . Lovely smooth skin afterwards. Very happy”

“This product is incredible and the real deal. I’ve been trying other products, but after only two weeks of using this, my boyfriend even commented (without any prompting) that my face is looking much clearer than before. I would add that my skin is also much softer and smoother. This product has it all: very reasonable price, high quality, extremely effective, large quantity. I also like that the plastic tub it comes in closes securely and is easy to open and close (not my experience with other clay products which either came in flimsy plastic bags or very hard-to-open containers). I say don’t waste your money on other skin care products which claim to clear up skin–get this instead.
And for those who are looking into other types of clay, (e.g. kaolinite, rhassoul), my experience is that French green illite clay is the most effective for problem skin. It also mixes really nicely and evenly with water.”

“I really like this product – really soothing when mixed with the toner. I’ve only used it twice, but unlike some other clay masks, it doesn’t itch or leave my skin red. Will buy again.”

“What a lovely product. I bought this as an ingredient to my homemade mineral foundation. Other ingredients I used are zinc oxide, cacao and turmeric. I bought this clay to eliminate the redness in my cheeks and nose through rosacea and it did just the trick!
But as I only needed a small amount for his project, me (and my hubby) have done a couple of face masks with it. It really helps draw out the spots so don’t do this the same day as a big event! Do it at least 3 days before, and ideally a week, so any break out (which is a good sign that it’s worked) will have time to clear up.”

“OMG THIS PRODUCT IS FANTASTIC I LOVE IT. My skin looked so fresh after and felt great, I mixed it with the toner (which smells fabulous and worth the little extra cost), I will certainly be re-ordering when I need more and would definitely recommend it.”

“Amazing stuff. My skin feels really soft after use. Easy to prepare and has definitely improved my skin tone since I started using it a couple weeks back. Im prone to breakouts and dull skin and this has been a wonder! Recommend.”

“LOVE IT!!! Really helps clear my skin! I have hormonal acne and need to keep it really clean to prevent bumps and cysts breaking out. Great product and easy to mix and apply feels great!”



Beehive Yourself “This is fabulous, all whytheface products make me happy but this moisturizer is topping the list. Highly recommended.” “Lovely moisturiser, sinks in well and feels nice on skin.” “Wow! Thank you for giving me yet another amazing addition to my skincare regime! I initially purchased the toner from this range which turned out to be amazing and is one of the few things my sensitive skin will tolerate so I thought I might give this moisturiser a try and it’s truly fabulous. Non greasy, non sticky just beautifully moisturised skin and best of all – no reaction from my skin! Buy in bulk, you won’t want to run out!” “I’ve only used it for a few days but definitely notice a difference on my face and bald head. Non greasy and easily absorbed. I would recommend this moisturiser.” “…leaves my skin so soft! Amazing moisturiser.” “I love this cream the first time using it, it felt so smooth i couldn’t stop applying it to my face I love it and will continue to buy more.” “Has a lovely texture. Follow the instructions as you really only do need a small amount.” “2 days in and i am loving the why the face products! My skin doesn’t feel irritated, feels soft and smooth and looks so much clearer”


Get Good Face

“This stuff is AMAZING. I wish I could give it ten stars. I can’t even find the words to tell you. People have been asking me what I’m doing because my face looks so fresh and healthy. I also put it on some pretty serious cuts and scrapes on my elbows (I got pulled over when the huge dog I was walking decided to take off like a rocket) and they healed faster than I’ve ever seen. Within three days, you could hardly see they were there, and there was no scarring whatsoever.”

“I will absolutely be buying this again, probably in large quantities so that I never run out.”

“I used it immediately as instructed. I have occasional lesions on my face from hives and irritated patches from wearing glasses. I reapplied later (it says use three times a day) before bed. The lesions and older scars from lesions had virtually disappeared in the morning!”

“This is a 100% honest review. I’m going to give it 5 stars even though I hated the smell!”

“I’ve seen some pretty hyped claims for ozonated olive oil, and at first I didn’t believe any of them. I have to say, I’m beginning to believe them all now. This is maybe the first product I’ve tried that really does what it says.”



Sulphur So Good

“Nice cream , i use it after i shave my head and face.”

“Very good if you have problem skin , nice and soothing.”

“I have had Rosacea for about fifty years and nothing touched it til I found whytheface products.”

“Product is first class just like all the other products in this range.”

“My face is clear of spots and irritations. Well done whytheface”



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