The importance of our face


We all know how important our face is, for a start it stops our eyeballs from floating around in mid-air somewhere between our ears…

In all seriousness, or as much as we can muster, a good, clean face can you make you feel like you can take on the world but a spot can ruin a perfectly good day.

The range of products from whytheface® aren’t miracle cures – if they were, we would be writing this from a desert island, preferably that one in Thailand with the swimming pigs. Yes, swimming pigs.

What we can say is that by using these products regularly you are giving your skin the best chance at a blemish-free future.

The whytheface® blog will be somewhere to turn for handy hints and tips for homemade natural skincare remedies, new product information, competitions and occasional funny anecdotes. That’s all from us for now; we’ve just heard there’s an island full of bunnies which we need to investigate.



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